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Crooked or misaligned teeth with gaps in between or that do not fit together properly can make it difficult to clean or brush your teeth properly which may lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Orthodontists who are specialized in braces treatment, can help align your teeth with the help of braces that are fixed or removable appliances. Braces treatment will help restore the bite, improve speech, restore self-esteem and confidence associated with an attractive smile.

Network Clinics

  • Dr.Gowd's Dental Hospital
  • Sowjanya Dental Hospitals
  • Dr G Bhanumathy Murali Dental Clinic
  • Dr. Sridhar International Dental Hospital & Research Center
  • The Dental Venue Multispeciality Hospital
  • Focus Dental Care International Dental Center

Network Dentists

  • Dr. Shailaja Reddy
  • Dr. Vikas Gowd Manga
  • Dr. Sowjanya Kancha
  • Dr. G Bhanumathy Murali
  • Dr. Sridhar Reddy Arumalla
  • Dr. Ajay Krishna Gone


Who needs a Braces Treatment ?

  • Anyone who has a crooked teeth.
  • Have improper bite like deep bite, cross bite or open bite.
  • Have gaps in between the teeth.
  • When lips are incorrectly positioned at rest.
  • Whose erupting permanent teeth is incorrectly positioned among children.
  • To help guide the proper growth of jaws in children.
  • Helps those who may need implants or cosmetic procedures.

Types Of Braces Available in India

  • Traditional metal braces (metal bracket, metal wire, rubber band) are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable.
  • Ceramic braces are made of clear materials, therefore less visible on your teeth than metal braces
  • Lingual braces are fixed behind the teeth facing the tongue and are invisible.
  • Clear (Invisalign) Clear aligners are virtually invisible smooth comfortable and plastic aligner

Orthodontic Treatment Involves:

  1. Fixed Appliances that include:
    • Braces (fixed orthodontic appliances),
    • Special fixed appliances (for the thumb sucking kids),
    • Fixed space maintainers (for baby tooth lost prematurely)
  2. Removable Appliances:
    • Removable space maintainers
    • Jaw repositioning appliances
    • Lip and cheek bumpers
    • Palatal expander
    • Removable retainers
    • Headgear
    • Aligners

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