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DesiSmiles Mission Statement

Desismiles.com is a unique dentistry portal that provides choice, convenience, care and Dental Checkups, for all dental health care seekers; by facilitating preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures through its partner dental service providers who provide quality dental care of international standards, throughout India.

We provide valuable healthcare services - Dental Checkups, Oral Health Information, Appointment Bookings and Procedure Facilitation;

Expert advice from our top dental specialists and excellent user friendly technology help make your dental experiences positive, pleasant and hassle-free.

This service is completely FREE for every Dental Health Care Seeker

Desismiles.com is a dentistry exclusive portal developed by a team of dedicated and highly competent dental experts who have a cumulative experience of over 50 years in dental patient care, across 3 continents.

Desismiles.com extends its services worldwide by connecting NRIs to the dental community in India; through the nation-wide and global network of Active Health Management Services from DesiMD Health Care Pvt Ltd, a unit of Hygiea Solutions LLC, USA.

We are India's largest and most trusted dental services facilitator, with dental clinics across the country joining us daily in our expanding network of partners.

We strive to ensure prompt and personal attention to each and every dental healthcare seeker; and take pride in connecting you to your desired dental healthcare service provider.

Our mission:

To provide authentic information about dental experts and dental service establishments to every dental health care seeker.

To facilitate preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental treatment services for persons seeking quality dental care of international standards in India.

To educate every dental and general health care seeker, on the importance of dental checkups in preventing serious systemic diseases.

To assist every dental and general health care seeker in achieving his or her goal of maintaining optimum dental health and general health

Our Services for Dental Guests:
  1. Dentists and Dental Clinics Directories
  2. Appointment Booking Services
  3. Wellness Packages - Checkups and Cleanings
  4. Treatment Procedures Facilitation
  5. Health Information
Our Services for Dental Experts:
  1. Directories of Dentists and Clinics
  2. Practice Growth and Sustainability
  3. Customized Facilitation Services
  4. Digital Services and Technology Support
  5. Platform for Learning and Knowledge-sharing