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How do Implants restore your lost tooth and smile?

  • Dental Implants helps to restore your smile and boost your confidence by giving you the look and feel of your natural teeth.
  • Implants improve your speech and your bite while eating
  • Implants also help to provide good support for dentures, crowns or bridges when mounted on them, as they fuse with the bone over time.


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Types of Implants

Implants are categorized based on techniques, shapes, number of stages in procedures, whether the crowns are placed soon after placing the implant and the number of teeth to be replaced. The commonly used implants are

Single Dental Implant : with a single implant crown that replace one single missing tooth

Multiple Implants : More than one implant is required to support ceramic or acrylic bridges and are customized for each individual depending on their jaw bone.

Implant Supported Over Dentures : Complete dentures acquire more stability when they are anchored by implants. The use of a maximum of eight implants in each jaw locks the denture firmly to the jaw.

Mini Implants : are used only in the lower jaw, especially in areas with low bone density. These implants are smaller than the average implants, can be placed in a single visit.

Immediate Loading Implants or Same Day Implants : are implants that can support a crown or a denture as soon as they are placed in the jaw bone.

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