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A Pediatrics Study found that kids who saw a dentist before the age of one, have 40% lower dental costs in their first five years as compared to those of kids who don't. So, attending to dental care as a child, not only improves the child’s oral health and aids in prevention of dental diseases, but also helps learn good dental habits and overcome the fear of a dentist, children normally have.

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Pediatric Dentistry in Hyderabad

As important as it is for children to have their dental screening done as early as seven years of age, so it is to help kids have a positive experience with gentle and kind dentists who are trained to handle kids dental problems. DesiSMILES ensures that you reach out to the right pediatric dentist or clinic that is well equipped to treat kids dental problems in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Our dental professionals understand how critical it is for parents to reach out to the appropriate pediatric dentist who's well aware about child psychology, complete oral health care for Infants and children, their growth and development.

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Pediatric Dental Problems - A Must-Know for Mothers

As a precautionary measure, mothers must ensure that their child is taken for a Pediatric dental check-up, as early as the eruption of the first tooth and continue into the teens. This ensures:

  • Prevention of Caries
  • Complete Dental care, the right diet and nutrition
  • Teeth straightening or correcting an improper bite (braces/orthodontics), if any
  • Repairing tooth cavities or defects if any
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions, if any.

Child Dental Care Tips for Parents

As a precautionary measure, mothers must ensure that their child is taken for a Pediatric dental check-up, that ensures:

  • Make sure your baby’s mouth during the first few days after birth is cleaned by wiping the gums with a clean, moist gauze pad or washcloth.
  • Use pea-sized fluoride tooth paste, to brush teeth twice everyday or as advised.
  • Regular visit to the dentist will help inspect your child for oral injuries, cavities, or other problems, learn good oral habits and eliminate fear of dentist for your child.
  • Helps evaluate the child’s oral health regularly and take necessary precautions to prevent dental problems.

Timely visit to the dentist with your child can easily help correct any dental or oral problems in the early stages, rather than put the child to difficulty with strenuous treatment later. A child friendly, well-trained, adept, compassionate dentist and a professional hospital that cares equally about every child and the caregiver, will ensure to put back the smile on your little one.